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Our Team is Yours

We will make your Dreams a Reality!

Dependable service is at the foundation of every great Cedar Cove Ranch Wedding Venue event. Our dedicated and detail-oriented venue staff guarantee the success of your special occasion by providing personalized Wedding and Event experience that meet and exceed expectations.

When you book an event with CCR, your team includes:


Event Specialist - Helps you through the booking process, and answers any questions from booking till the wedding date!

Wedding Coordinator for the Day - Coordinator for your special day who helps with few or all of these items based on the package booked - Pre-wedding meeting, set up of all CCR items, walk-through, (CCR) vendor coordination, plans layouts, organizes food tasting (CCR Caterer), helps with hassle free execution of event

General Manager and team of staff - GM ensures your day of event goes smoothly . On-site staff helps you with on-site lodging, activities, and also works with wedding coordinator for the set-up.

Our Specialized Vendors - Highly Recommended and Top-Rated Caterers, Photographer, Videographer, Caterer, DJ, Florist & more - provide you with high class service!

And the Owners - Available throughout your journey from booking to the special day!  Passionate about giving you a beautiful wedding, a memorable event, and a great experience!

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