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Ripple & Arlan Sheets - Our Visionaries & Owners

Ripple and Arlan Sheets, the visionary duo behind Cedar Cove Ranch Weddings, not only conceptualized a dream venue but also celebrated their own love story at the ranch. Renowned for their ability to turn dreams into reality, the Sheets exude a deep passion for crafting enchanting experiences. Their dedication to elegance and the celebration of natural beauty is evident in every meticulous detail of the wedding venue they've carefully created. Cedar Cove Ranch, a manifestation of their visionary spirits, has evolved into a sought-after destination, offering couples a harmonious blend of luxury and rustic charm.

Ripple and Arlan, both lovers of the outdoors and nature (with Arlan being an Army Veteran), share a beautiful yet intricate love story. Having known each other for over six years and sharing a strong passion, life eventually brought them together. They tied the knot at our stunning venue, giving them a firsthand understanding of the importance of every detail in wedding planning and the essence of a hassle-free experience.

Bringing their collective vision to life at Cedar Cove Ranch, Ripple and Arlan provide guests with fun-filled adventures and help couples create lasting memories. They recognize the uniqueness of each love story and take pride in turning each one into a memorable experience.

Don't miss the chance to explore one of the most beautiful country wedding and events venues. Experience the magic of Cedar Cove Ranch Weddings and create memories that last a lifetime.

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