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Turning Dreams into Forever Memories

1.5 hours from DALLAS FORT WORTH, Texas

Cedar Cove Ranch distinguishes itself as the quintessence of rustic charm paired with luxury, privacy, and exclusivity, establishing its status as the unrivaled destination wedding venue in East Texas. Set amidst breathtaking landscapes, the venue boasts incomparable views, featuring a ceremony deck overlooking a tranquil lake and an inviting, charming barn. This idyllic setting guarantees a magical and unforgettable experience for couples in search of an extraordinary wedding celebration. Emphasizing privacy and exclusivity, Cedar Cove Ranch Weddings assures that each wedding becomes a uniquely extraordinary and an intimate occasion.

Experience a Truly Hassle Free Wedding at Cedar Cove Ranch

The Unrivaled Destination Wedding Venue in Texas

Say 'I Do' in the Most Picturesque Setting

Gorgeous Country Wedding Venue
Stunning Ceremony Location overlooking the lake

"Where Moments Become Memories: Ceremony Elegance Overlooking the Lake, Embraced by Pristine Outdoors."

Rustic and Charming Barn with Wooded Views

Celebrate Your Love in a Rustic Luxury Setting

With its enchanting location and top-notch amenities, Cedar Cove Ranch Weddings ensures an unforgettable experience, solidifying its reputation as the premier choice for those seeking a one-of-a-kind wedding destination in the Lone Star State.

Discover the perfect Texas destination wedding venue at Cedar Cove Ranch Weddings. Here, a picturesque ceremony deck with views of the tranquil lake, and a charming barn nestled in the midst of pastures and surrounded by woods, form a captivating backdrop that illuminates your special day. 

This idyllic setting offers a romantic and memorable ambiance, establishing Cedar Cove Ranch as the perfect destination for couples in search of a magical and rustic wedding experience in East Texas.

Experience the Ultimate Weekend of Celebration

Cedar Cove Ranch offers a selection of premium accommodations that redefine luxury. The Grand Chateau, a pinnacle of sophistication, welcomes guests with lavish furnishings and spacious interiors, providing an indulgent retreat. The Lakeview Lodge, situated to capture stunning views, combines elegance with comfort, offering a serene escape surrounded by natural beauty. For a rustic yet refined experience, the Whitetail Lodge exudes charm with its tasteful decor and cozy ambiance. Each of these accommodations at Cedar Cove Ranch exemplifies a commitment to providing you and your friends and family with a truly sumptuous and memorable stay, ensuring a luxurious escape in the heart of Texas.

Cedar Cove Ranch graciously accommodates 35-40 guests onsite, ensuring an intimate and exclusive experience. For additional convenience, overflow rooms can be seamlessly arranged at a nearby hotel, allowing for a comfortable and extended stay for larger gatherings. This thoughtful flexibility ensures that every guest enjoys the luxurious surroundings of Cedar Cove Ranch while accommodating the needs of larger events.

"We had our wedding weekend here — amazing from beginning to end. From check in on Friday (did our ceremony walk through this day), to Saturday (wedding day!), to Sunday (checking out after a much needed night of rest).

It was so nice to not have to rush out after the reception! To be able to relax post wedding with my bridal party and family around the firepit before heading to bed at the lodges—it was one of those “wow, this is awesome” moments after all the excitement from the day.

The all inclusive package is absolutely worth it. All the included vendors and CCR crew were top notch. And a special shout out to Ripple (owner)—she helped me stay sane from booking day to the day of our wedding."


Grace G.

Dream Destination Wedding Venue

Ripple & Arlan Sheets

Ripple and Arlan Sheets, the creative forces behind Cedar Cove Ranch Weddings, have not only envisioned a dream venue but have also personally celebrated their own love story at the ranch. Renowned for their ability to turn dreams into reality, the Sheets share a profound passion for curating enchanting experiences. Their commitment to elegance and the celebration of natural beauty is evident in every detail of the meticulously crafted wedding venue. Cedar Cove Ranch, born from their visionary spirits, has now become a sought-after destination, offering couples an exquisite blend of luxury and rustic charm. The venue stands as a testament to Ripple and Arlan Sheets' dedication to excellence, showcasing their unwavering commitment to crafting unforgettable moments for couples in the heart of Texas.

Picturesque Setting for Beautiful Wedding
Luxurious Accommodations
Hassle Free Wedding Venue in East Texas

"Turning Dreams into Forever Memories – Let Us Make Your Wedding Day Truly Magical!"

The Sheets

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